Flipkart had recently hinted at a new Motorola product on Twitter. "There's a Moto beast coming your way... exclusively on Flipkart. Stay tuned for more details," it had announced on its Twitter handle.

Among the improvements over last year's model: The camera now has auto-focusing, whereas the older model had a fixed-focus lens that didn't compensate for how far away the subject was.

The new Moto E will also have a front-facing camera for selfies, though images won't be as sharp as the 5 megapixels on the rear. There's also a model with 4G cellular connectivity. Last year's model was available only for slower, 3G networks.
The 4G model will cost USD 150 in the US, while the 3G will go for USD 120, both without contract requirements. The screen measures 4.5 inches diagonally, slightly larger than before.
Motorola, which Lenovo Group bought from Google Inc in October, has been trying to set itself apart from other phone makers by selling cheaper phones that have some features found in higher-end products. For instance, all of its phones use Corning's Gorilla Glass for durability.
Details on prices and US availability weren't immediately revealed.