Vying for the title of 'Bhai No.1', 'Adarsh Bhai', 'Sabse Accha Bhai', men in Nagaur, Jalore and Ajmer districts of the state are offering to quit smoking, drinking and build toilets for their sisters.
The social initiatives have been proposed by the district administration and have found many takers.
"Our initiative is getting a very good response and many people have submitted their vows to us. Those who take part in the drive will be awarded certificates by the district administration," Ajmer Collector Arushi A Malik said, adding that her district was leading in construction of toilets in the state.
Jalore District collector Jitendra Soni underlined the importance of building toilets to discourage open defecation and protect the self-esteem of the sisters.
"We have asked the men to construct toilets at home if their sisters are unmarried and at their in-laws’ house, in case she has no facility of toilet there," he said.
The state medical department launched 'Tambaku Mukt-Shapath Yukt’ campaign for the occasion of Rakhi under which men are urged to gift a written pledge of quitting smoking and tobacco to their sisters.
Under the campaign, brothers have been asked to present a no-smoking affidavit and take selfies with their sisters while holding the affidavit, and send it to the government.



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