Lucknow: The formula adopted by the Bahujan Samaj Party government to create new districts and Tehsils to win the loyalties of people has backfired on the ruling party in the state. The large scale unrest witnessed in Sambhal has delayed the process of creation of new district – Bhimnagar.

Annoyed over the dispute related to the district headquarters, the locals have been up in arms over the issue for past two weeks. The failure to pacify the situation has led to the cancellation of party ticket of two BSP members for the forthcoming UP assembly elections. The public anger is also likely to delay the process of creation of new divisions and districts,

In order to lure the voters Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on September 28   launching the electoral campaign had announced the formation of three new districts Prabuddha Nagar (Shamli), Panchsheel nagar (Hapur), Bhimnagar (Sambhal) and a new tehsil Dholna.

Though the move derived the desired results in Prabuddha Nagar and Panchsheel nagar, the public outrage played party poopers for BSP intentions in Bhimnagar.

Chandausi residents gave birth to the controversy by raising questions over the district headquarters. Both Chandausi and Sambhal residents are adamant of having the district headquarter on their respective land.

The effort of the state government to calm down the situation by announcing the district headquarters at Bahjoi failed to satisfy the protestors.

The move rather than going in favour of BSP has made situation worse for the party in the region. The candidature of MP Shafiq-ur-rehman’s grandson from Sambhal assembly seat has been rejected by party high command. Similarly, the party ticket of Balram Saini the sitting MLA from Bilari has also been cancelled. Anil Chaudhary has been declared as BSP candidate from the assembly seat.

(JPN/ Bureau)