Movie: ‘Ragini MMS’

Director: Pawan Kripalani

Cast: Kainaz Motivala, Raj Kumar Yadav

Rating: (Good)

Story line: Summer season is all set to witness ‘horror’ rule the silver screen. After the success of ‘Haunted 3D’, Balaji’s film ‘Ragini MMS’ manages to keep the viewers clinched to their seats. The much hue and cry created over the topic, has worked in the favour of the film.

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‘Ragini MMS’ inspired by Hollywood flick Paranormal Activity’, has a ‘Desi-Tadka’ to it to keep the Indian viewers glued to seat. Based on the real story, the movie has a near to perfect blend of sex and horror, which makes it worth watching.

The story revolves around the lead character Ragini played by Kainaz Motivala and her boyfriend Udayan (Raj Kumar Yadav). A bold city lass, Ragini completely entrusts her beau Udayan, a desi boy aiming it to make it big one day. 

The couple plan a weekend at their friend’s abandoned farmhouse in the outskirts of Mumbai. Udayan plans to shoot a sex video with his lady love, and thereafter sell it in the market. As a part of the plan, the farm house is rigged with cameras to capture the passionate moments. 

But things don’t go as per plan and there starts the problem. The cameras placed by Udayan witnesses something that beyond human understandings.

The couple confronts some unusual situations which makes them believe that the house is haunted by paranormal force. The ‘hot’ weekend transforms into a nightmare for the couple.

Thumbs up: The film is not based on the typical ‘Ramsay brothers’ old school horror genre.
No ghosts, spirits clad in white saris seperate the movie from the traditional form of horror movies.

Ekta Kapoor prominently known up for her ‘Saas-Bahu’ sops, has come up with an excellent blend of horror and sex to offer something new to her audience. 
The overall feel of the film is as if it has been shot with a Handycam, which adds another dimension to the movie.

Kudos to the newbie director Pawan Kripalani for handling the project in a proper manner.

As for acting, both new comers have come up with good performances. In her role as a modern city girl who is bold is express her physical demands, Kainaz has given a matured performance. Raj, who enacts an abusive and rustic youth, has done justice to the challenging role.

The cinematography of the movie is crisply done, and some nail biting and spine chilling scenes hold the movie on the track.

Dialogues are conversational and add authenticity to the story. The USP of the flick is the fact that the director smartly chooses a scandalous, real-life story and spices it up with sex and horror.

Thumbs down: ‘Ragini MMS’ has left us with very little loopholes to give discredit to it. The only imperfection lie in the overpowering background score which tries to over dramatize the horror.
‘Ragini MMS’ is petrifying enough to make you break into a cold sweat.

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