Movie: Force

Director: Nishikant Kamat

Cast: John Abraham, Genelia D'souza, Vidyut Jamwal

Jagran Rating: (Good)

Story line : It was little disappointing rather surprising to know that Nishikant Kamat (whose earlier small-budget film ‘Dombivli Fast I had loved’) was making a hardcore commercial film.

When we have people like Rohit Shetty and Abhinav Kashyap here, why did a sensitive, experimental filmmaker like Kamat have to toe the line?  But rather disappointing ‘Force’ surprises us. Despite trying hard in action genre for the first time, how could Kamat do such a stupendous job?

ACP Yashwardhan (John Abraham) is upright and so focused about his duties that he doesn't want to get distracted by any romantic liaisons. However, free-spirited Maya (Genelia) comes into his life and everything around him changes. She openly professes her love for him and the cop has no choice but buckle in. Oh yes, and in the rarest chance in a Hindi film, Maya gets to tell Yash that she wants to make love to him.

Unfortunately Yash has yet another distraction (this one unpleasant though) to deal with, a powerful and super smart opponent (Vidyut Jamwal), who wants to be the kingpin of drug dealers.

Thumbs up: Force keeps you hooked throughout, may it be in the action sequences or the romance between the two lovebirds. The first half keeps the viewer engaged with an adequate amount of action and romance, but post interval the action packed drama reaches its peak. Kamath manages to bring in a reality factor to this adrenalin-pumping action fiesta. The action sequences are breathtaking and thankfully not mindless.

John puts in a sincere effort. This hunk, who claimed to have worked on his body for eight months for this role, does complete justice to his role. John’s performance is superb and he is absolutely convincing as a narcotics officer.

John and Genelia look refreshing as a couple. Vidyut Jamwal as a villain does justice to her part. Dialogues are apt with the situation and mood of the movie. They are simple, yet impactful. Cinematography is good. The background score adds prominence to the action and suspense attached to the scenes. Songs like Dil Ki Hai Tamanna  is really ear soothing.

Thumbs down: The film is a little dragged and predictable. ‘Force’ is for those who demand three things in any movie- Action, Action and more Action.

Though John looks superb in this movie, female fans of John who can’t bear extreme violence and action don’t force themselves to watch ‘Force’.

The movie is dragged in bits and also predictable, excluding a few twists. John’s fans will get to witness his great physique, action and drama. The female fans of John, who can’t put up with extreme violence, don’t need to force themselves!

Last but not the least, Force is a treat for action lovers and for them it s a total paisa vasool.

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)

Courtsey: JPN