Movie: Haunted

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Cast:  Mahakshay Chakraborthy, Tia Bajpai, Arif Zakaria

Jagran rating:  (Disappointing)

Story line: Mimoh debuts with Jimmy. Does this line help you recall something? Ya ya, we are talking about Mithun’s son, Mimoh who long back made an unsuccessful attempt at acting with the film ‘Jimmy’… surely you would have not seen the film, but promos must have struck your eyes (how can overweight Mimoh dancing to a song ever escape anyone’s attention)! By now, reminisces must have transformed into haunts.

If yes, then just hold on because to haunt you further is the news that Mimoh is back in a new avatar, by the name Mahakshay in the film ‘Haunted’ directed by Vikram Bhatt.

The film is really justifies its title as it is bound to keep haunting you even after you leave the theatre. Not because of the horror element but because of the thought  why on earth did you commit such a big mistake of wasting your time and money on it.

Now the plot- The film is set in the hilly region of Ooty which once upon a time was Mimoh’s father’s favourite shooting spot! The main protagonist Rehan (Mahakshay alias Mimoh), a real-estate broker come to Ooty to sell a haunted mansion named ‘Glen Manor’ which has a haunted past (and present as well).

However, in order to sell the house, Rehan has to free the house from its evil spirits. As Rehan investigates and begins to unearth the bitter past of the house he discovers a painful 80-year old secret - the story of Meera (Tia Bajpai) and her 'sex maniac' piano professor Mr. Iyer (Arif Zakaria).

It turns out that a lusty piano teacher Mr. Iyer raped his student Meera who then took revenge by killing him. Ever since, she is confined within the haunted house. Sounds cliché? Then here comes the interesting but out-of-the world twist which adds some spice to this lifeless story.

The dreadful teacher, who was murdered by the victim, comes back as a ghost and proceeds to do all the wicked things he had wanted to do, for a full six days before the girl commits suicide. Out-of-the world twist is ‘a ghost raping a girl’. 

That’s not all. After the girl commits suicide, her spirit enters into a never-ending duel with the teacher’s ghost who continues to rape his student’s spirit till eternity.

As Rehan (Mahakshay) wants to save the girl (who is already dead), he goes back to the past and the entire flashback repeats itself. Hence, ends the plot of the story.

Thumbs up: The horror flick has a predictable storyline but the way it unfolds is somehow managed to generate suspense. Praveen Bhatt's cinematography aptly captures the hilly beauty of Ooty. Chirantan Bhatt’s some soulful tunes keep the film alive.

Though ‘Haunted’ doesn't strike the potential of a 3D film, kudos goes to it for being a first kind of effort.

Thumbs down: The story written by Amin Hajee is quite predictable and conventional. Acting wise, except Arif Zakaria there is hardly any actor who leaves an impact.

Though actor Mithun Chakraborty’s son might have changed his name from Mimoh to Mahakshay, but this cannot save ‘Haunted’ from its fate at the Box Office. Mahaakshay bears the same expression on his face throughout and seems too stiff.  New comer Tia Bajpai also delivers a poor performance.

The pace of the movie drops in between with the idea of Rehan going back in time (80 years back). The sound effects are overdone and loud. The dialogues are really clichéd to the core.

The script lacks inherent logic in the storyline. Bhatt creates an absolutely ridiculous horror movie that works better as comedy. Vikram Bhatt's latest horror venture, ‘Haunted’ India's first 3D film in ‘Bollywood’ won’t horrify you but may leave you numb with boredom. So, watch Haunted at your own risk!

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)