Director: Sajid Khan

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Tamannaa, Paresh Rawal, Mahesh Manjrekar, Zarina Wahab

Jagran Rating:        Good

Story Line:

Sajid Khan’s much-hyped entertainer ‘HIMMATWALA’ starring Ajay Devgan and Tamanna is the remake of 80s’ Bollywood cult hit of the same name, but it fails to break any new ground. The film is a collection of 80’s Bollywood melodrama of a typical retro-styled – action, comedy and colourful songs in a new wrapping.


Repeating the same 1983 mother-son drama and hero-villain chemistry, this movie lacks punches to keep audiences glued to the screen.

Ravi (Ajay Devgn) is the action master in a club in Mumbai, run by Michael Jaikishen (Chunky Pandey). Strangely, one fine day Ravi decides to visit his birthplace, Rampur in search of his grief-stricken mother Savitri (Zareena Wahab) and sister Padma (Leela Jumani), only to find them in miserable state.

Savitri wants her son Ravi to avenge the injustice meted out to his father (Anil Dhawan) at the hands of Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar), the merciless landlord, who has used his power to suppress the villagers. The greedy Sher Singh is assisted by his brother-in-law Narayan Das (Paresh Rawal).

How the poster boy along with his lover girl (Tamannah) tackles the odds stacked against him with the help of divine intervention and a CG enhanced tiger is what the film is all about.
The movie is purely an old wine in a not-so-new bottle.

We really didn’t expect such a disappointing comedy from Sajid, who is known for remarkable hits in series like ‘Housefull’, ‘Housefull 2’ and ‘Heyy Baby’. You would not find any path-breaking moment in the movie, the romance lacks fire, the action is not new and the comedy is plain ordinary.

Ajay seems like a misfit, not just the way he looks but the way he does the mindless comedy. But when it comes to doing stunts, he looks mighty fit even at 43!  Tamannaah on the other hand is pretty and delicate, yet a source of discontent. Mahesh Manjrekar has played the role of Amjad Khan's Sher Singh well. Zarina Wahab is fine in determined Savitri’s role. The credit once again is taken by Paresh Rawal, who as Narayan Das is outstanding. He literally reminds you of comic legend Kader Khan and his exquisite performance has overshadowed others.

The paisa-wasool assurances and A-list stars might fetch some viewers to the film but two-and-a-half hour long drama is not enough substance to hold its viewers. From hazardous action to scorching dialogues everything is old and monotonous.

For those who have watched 1983 ‘Himmatwal’, we won’t recommend to give it a second chance as the film has no new added flavours worth watching. And those who are new to the movie we suggest to tighten your seat belts as you may feel tortured to the limit of getting up asking yourself..’What really made Sajid do this remake…?”

Thumbs Up:

The A-list stars and the hype that film has created. ‘Naino me sapna..’ and ‘taaki taaki…’ are the best numbers you can groove on from HIMMATWALA.

Thumbs Down:

HIMMATWALA fails to win hearts. Movie has over-the-top melodrama and number of senseless twists and turns. The film is too long to bear as the director has hardly experimented or done anything to add a path-breaking punch in the movie.

Simply speaking, ‘HIMMATWALA’ has no new savor added to 1983 HIMMATWALA. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the 80's make a tacky come back in Himmatwala. And if you still wanna take chance with this action-comedy flick, make sure you queue up for the refund Sajid Khan promised!

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