Movie:  The Hangover 2

Director:  Todd Phillip

Cast : Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ed Helms and Crystal (the drug peddler monkey)
Jagran Rating:  Average

Story Line: Now ‘wolfpack’ is back but this time they are not alone to spice up the humour but have a new sensation in their humorous journey, a drug peddler monkey called Crystal.

Keeping it spoiler free, this time ‘Cat’ taking the marriage vows with Stu (Ed Helms), who reunites with the original gang Phil (Bradley Cooper), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) plus his future brother in law Teddy (Mason Lee) and travels to Thailand to walk the gangway.

Admitting the screw-ups of the Vegas mess last time around, Stu is firm that his Bucks party will consist of nothing more than lunch at a diner with an orange juice. But, one burst of concentrated social pressure later, he agrees to have a single beer on the beach—“see you in 20 minutes,” he tells his wife to be and the rest is history, folks. Now, if only he (or they) could remember it.

The guys wake up in Bangkok, in their crappy hotel room decorated with the added bonuses of a detached finger and an angry well-dressed monkey. Within minutes one of hotel staff is dead, so, time and criminal charges seem to be brewing, therefore they decide to leave. But Teddy is missing and they need to find him or recover his body before rocking up to the wedding.

In the previous Hangover Zach was the only one who put his gang in a mess with the memory loss drug called ‘Rohypnol’ and now this time our peculiar funny guy Zach is chasing a well dressed drug dealer monkey ‘Crystal’.   

Thumbs up: This time the ‘wolfpacked’ or so called bachelor party team is spiced up with different kind of humour which is the infamous bachelor party in Thailand sans usual stripers and casino from L.A.

The highlight of this movie is always Zach. There are crazy chase scenes, awkward encounters and a mixture of sight, dialogue and situation gags as the awkwardly lost duo (Teddy and Cat) scramble to make sense of, well, anything. And last but not the least the drug peddler monkey definitely steals the show.

Thumbs Down: The spark is not retained this time. In his attempts to recreate the success of the first movie, a dopey, funny, throwaway popcorn flick, Todd Phillips pulls it off, and although it’s the same movie, what ups the antics here is the fact that they’re in another country! Zach is as usual interesting and not taking anything away from the rest of the cast, but for some reason, these nutty roles couldn’t have been presented to a better person than Zach.

In this film they have tried a different kind of humour and it has flawless comedic brilliance with endless nervousness. This film will surely manage to tickle your funny bones.

‘Hangover 2’ will give you a dose of comic hangover which you will retain even after coming out of the theatre.

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)