Movie: Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Dipannita Sharma

Jagran Rating:  Average

Storyline: As ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ lured audiences with its unique story line and chemistry between Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh, expectations were bound to be high from director Maneesh Sharma for his second flick. But then ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl’ proves that it is difficult to match the standards of a fun riot like BBB, even by its own director.

Ricky Bahl (Ranveer Singh) is a con man who specialises in conning gullible young women. He has one simple modus operandi. He sweet-talks, flirts, earns their trust and then disappears with their money, breaking their hearts in the process. Amongst many victims are three, Dimple, Raina and Saira, who get together to con the 'bloody kameena' cheater and get their money back. They hire the help of a smart salesperson Ishika Desai (Anushka Sharma). Their plot is fool proof, except that they didn't anticipate a development, which cost them.

The script should have been as clever as it is trying to portray its lead man to be. For Ricky, cheating comes naturally, but disappointingly, it seems like he doesn't even have to exercise his brain cells to cheat any of them. Ricky gets so lucky every time that things easily fall into place or his victims are so foolishly gullible that they are more than willing to fall into his trap, again and again. Also, the track where he becomes an art dealer, Deven Shah and cheats Raina (Dipannita Sharma) seems highly improbable.

Thumbs Up:
  Overall, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl is a decent entertainer and keeps you engaged. Ranveer and Anushka's chemistry is intact. Ranveer is subdued and pretty impressive but knowing his potential, could have been far better. The weak script could be blamed for the same.
Anushka is good too, but it is Parineeti Chopra who stands out with her performance. She is a natural and almost manages to outshine everyone else.

Thumbs down: What ties down the movie is a weak script. It has a lot of unnecessary typical Bollywood clichés that spoil the flow of the film. Why does Bollywood continue to think that every smart girl also needs to be bubbly enough to be dancing in the middle of the street or playing cricket with kids? And why this compulsory need to introduce her with a song where she is moronically jumping up and down? So much could have been done with this plot, but sadly wasn't attempted.


(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)