Story Line: All in all its not a horror film, as it highlights the fact that due to increasing population, even ghosts are not left with any place to live moreover they are facing tough times in finding peaceful place to reside, because of which they usually settle down in jungles or old scanted bungalows.

One such haunted bungalow is ‘Royal mansion’, were no one lives and the owner rarely lent’s it for shooting. And once during a shooting the actress faints after seeing the Ghost in the mirror where on the contrary the ghost did not wanted to scare her but was trying to escape from all the haste caused by the shooting which had killed the peace around.

The owner of the house wants to sell it to build a shopping mall, because of which all the ghosts are tensed as the ‘royal mansion’ was the only place left in the city for them. This movie showcases the struggle ghosts have to go through for surviving. The gig is full of drama, entertainment and action.

Movie review:The movie is bit on the unusual side, so if you are bored of serious and traditional movies and willing to cater your taste buds with something new this movie might offer you a different platter.

Satish Kaushik is known for his comic sense hence has done a decent job. Sharman Joshi has done a good job. Meera Chopra  has raised the bar of expectations with her performance.


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