Movie: Loot

Rajneesh Thakur

Cast: Govinda, Suniel Shetty, Javed Jaffrey, Mahaaskshay Chakbraborty, Ravi Kissan and Prem Chopra

Rating: Disappointing

Story line: Loot revolves around four characters Pandit (Govinda), Akbar (Jaaved Jaaferi), Builder (Suniel Shetty) and Wilson (Mahaakshay Chakraborthy). They all set a plan to Loot and in turn trouble all the wrong people and finally create roadblocks for themselves. The movie is all about how they finally come out of the situations and get rid of all the obstacles.

"Loot" looks like an unfinished product from a group of actors and technicians who lost their way in transit. This one should have ideally remained in the cans. Just why Suniel invested into this piece of filmed garbage is anyone's guess.

May be he thought it would be a fun caper, a sort of "Oceans 11" with lots of lowbow jokes about 'andar daal' and 'baahar khol'. Come on!

Crudity by its very nature requires a very high amount of discipline and dedication to be convincing and inoffensive on scene. The crassness in Loot is simply boring. The characters are most frequently seen lolling around in hotel rooms, waiting for the dialogue writer to come up with some more oafish innuendo. In the meanwhile there is a whole truckload of gangsters, goons, dons and hoodlums waiting to pounce on the plot at the drop of a hat. The world never seemed more unsafe.

Govinda's habitual abilities to improvise do see some of the scenes to a kind of culmination. And Suniel remains true to his character, while Manjrekar along with his sidekick Razaak Khan share the film's only genuinely funny sequence. But most of the time, the actors seem as clueless about their next move as the scriptwriter. So they just decide to have fun with the pun.

Somewhere in the initial reels singer Mika and starlet Kim Sharma (long time no see) pop up as part of a street gang in Pattaya. They add considerably to the overall confusion of the proceedings.

Really, you'd need nerves of steel to sit through this mishmash of misdirected mirth and over-done cockiness. The actors try hard not to look bored. The performances in this deflated farce are better than the recent "Rascals" where the actors tried hard to be funny. Here no one makes an effort except the dialogue writer who seems to be falling off his chair in delight at his torrent of double entendres.

Thumbs Up: Suniel Shetty delivers a fair performance with his straight faced humor and action sequences. Mika Singh does a fair job in his debut. Apart from this, unable to find any good moments or any humorous punch line in entire movie.  

Thumbs Down: Story offers nothing new, in fact old wine even older bottle. Loot" is a hoot. And a painful reminder of the collapse of the comic caper in Bollywood in a heap of inadequacy. The writing reaches a stalemate even before the actors warm up to their roles. Loot robs you off some potential entertaining moments!. Loot isn't able to adapt the humour of the original and most of the gags are lost in translation and fall flat.

The movie is not recommended unless you are a fan of multi-starrer movies. Another brownie point if you want to see Rakhi Sawant’s latka jhatkas!

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)