Film: Mad About Dance

Director: Saahil Prem

Cast: Saahil Prem, Amrit Maghera, Salah Benlemqawanssa, Akhilesh Unnithan, Raashul Tondon, Abhishek Saha

Storyline: MAD is about Aarav Anand (Saahil Prem) and his dream of learning dance from Ceasar a famed dancer based in Sheffield, UK. Aarav who aspires to represent India in a world dance championship goes to Sheffield where Ceaser and his troupe of dancers are however not convinced about Aarav’s talent and he is rejected from entering the troupe, in spite of his best abilities. Aarav decides to form his own team, with help from his roommates, which includes the endearing GG (Rashul Tandon). He also gets support from Aashira (Amrit Maghera), who is otherwise part of Cyrus’ team. The story is all about how Aarav makes his own crew goes through struggles, heartbreaks, trials and triumphs and finally defeats Caesar’s team.

Review: Helmed by Saahil Prem ‘Mad About Dance’ is a new bottle with an old cap, as we are familiar with stories of the protagonists striving to win a championship on global platform and managing to win.
Still the movie sizzle you with the happening life of three friends. It has managed to maintain the charm of the film with its competent supporting star cast. The first half of the movie moves slow but then it takes the pace and offers some rocking and extraordinary stuff.
The songs and music composition of Mad About Dance are festive gala for all of the Indian music fan and lovers.

It’s worth mentioning that Saahil Prem has impressively debuted as director, actor, music director, writer and choreographer for this movie. He marks a strong screen presence as well. AJ (Salah) takes your breath away with some awesome moves and Amrit Maghera is pleasant but not much impressive as an actress.

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