Movie: Not A Love Story

Director:    Ram Gopal Varma

Cast: Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal, Ajay Gehi

Jagran Rating:  (Average)

Story Line: Inspired by the much-talked about 2008 Neeraj Grover murder case that grabbed eyeballs for its excessive brutality, Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Not A Love Story’ is, more or less, an exaggerated dramatised version of the entire episode. It won’t be wrong to say that the film is probably more petrifying that the reality.

‘Not A Love Story’ is a story of an aspiring actress Anusha Chawla (Mahie Gill) who is struggling hard to get a foothold in glamour industry. After several rejections, she finally manages to grab a role in a Bollywood movie, thanks to director Ashish Bhatnagar (Ajay Gehi).

But for this she has to establish a relationship with Ajay as Anusha understands that this is a game of give and take.

One fine day when she and Ajay is sharing some intimate moments, Anusha’s over possessive fiancé Robin ( Deepak Dobriyal) unexpectedly lands in her apartment and catches them in a comprising position.

Baffled Robin stabs Ajay to death. The perplexed couple decides to dispose the dead body by butchering it into pieces and dumping it in oblivion. What follows next, is the consequence of this murder.

Thumbs up: Mahie Gill is ok on her part. She has done a good job post ‘Dev D’. Deepak Dobriyal's expression is good. Ajay Gehi is noticeable in his small role.

Cinematography is excellent, as the camera captures the moments quite convincingly. Dialogues are okay.
As far as direction is concerned, RGV does a moderate job. At some points, he is brilliant, especially the way he shows police chasing the culprit.

Thumbs down: The characters of Anusha and Robin do not evoke sympathy, even though they have been shown as victims of circumstances. So, the effort of the filmmaker to show them in a positive light goes in vain.
Deepak Dobriyal’s constant overloud and same expression falls flat sometimes.

Music is not memorable. Background score is too loud. Ramu’s trademark experimenting with erratic camera angles and extreme facial close-ups are enough to cause nausea.

The remixed version of the famous ‘Rangeela’ song doesn’t occupy place on chartbusters. Slow-paced screenplay, loopholes in the storyline are drawbacks of this movie.

‘Not A Love Story’ certainly may not a very bad story but overall lacks impact.

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)