Movie: Ra.One

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Cast:  Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Armaan Verma, Rajnikanth (special appearance)

Jagran Rating:  (Average)

Story line: RA.One , a super-duper star playing a robot, a mighty overwhelming budget, path breaking (apparently) visual effects, a gorgeous villain and stunner of a heroine, promotions that almost elevated the film to a national event .

In such circumstances what are the chances of it not being a fantastic watch? Well, surely there are. RA.One manages to stumble and falter, in spite of all the crutches that it has been provided with.

Story line: Shekhar Subramaniam (Shahrukh) is a Tamilian who is a gaming expert and also prefers speaking in his native language even though he is working in London. And he's not even consistent at that- his romba (means 'lots' in Tamil) becomes ramba and rumba as per convenience. But you are a dodo if you expect consistency from this movie.

Shekhar's character himself is not sure if he is a bumbling idiot or a smart ass. His wife Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) is doing a random thesis on 'gaalis' for women, if you please. And he has a son Prateek, who day dreams about random superhero spoofs and his rotund classmate possesses their teacher's sex tape, randomly like that.

Shekhar develops a game, which has a bad guy RA.One (Random Access Version one shortened) and a superhero G.One (the Good one). Situations takes such turns that game’s villain (Arjun Rampal as Ra.One) comes out of the game and into the real world to avenge losing to Prateek in the virtual game they played.

The hero of the game is G.One and made in the image of Shahrukh. G.One is bought into the real world from the virtual in order to help save Prateek and the world from Ra.One.

Thumbs Up: Arjun Rampal, undoubtedly the best looking villain in a long time, is pretty convincing too. Kareena Kapoor looks so beautiful and also puts in a great effort.

Music wise Akon’s ‘Chammak Challo’ is a foot taping number.SRK is good in playing both a geek and a superhero. Kudos for visual effects and for that intention to make it king size.

Thumbs down: Though it is Hollywood superhero influenced film, the maker fails to blend that flavour with Bollywood masala. The comic scenes, the romantic-track, the loud background score, the lip-synched songs and even the Ramayan backdrop, just don’t gel well together. Some scenes are absolutely unbelievable, like a robot wanting to know what karwa chauth is.

While Rajnikanth's two-minute appearance was not worthy; it also had an adverse effect. It reminded us of what a breathtaking experience Chitti had provided us with in Robot. As G.One, SRK, acts more like Rajnikanth’s ‘Chitti’ character from Robot, but G.One is clearly not a robot and therefore presents us with nothing new.

Anubhav Sinha’s direction is good, but given that he wrote the script and screenplay, he lets his own film down. Apart from ‘Chammak Challo’ other compositions are not worth remembrance.
Sadly, poor characterization, a weak script and the inability to blend Bollywood style with the superhero genre lets Ra.One down.

You may invest as much money as you want, but if your script is poor, then nothing can save your film from sinking. Whatever the criticisms are, we have to admit that SRK has set a new benchmark for how to market and present Hindi films and it will most likely make money at the box office. For us it’s a onetime watch, if you are curious and a hardcore SRK fan.

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)