Movie: Rowdy Rathore

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Naseer

Director: Prabhu Deva

jagran Rating:   (Average)

Story Line: Prabhu Deva directed Rowdy Rathore is said to mark the comeback of Akshay Kumar as action hero after seven long years.  After the success of Wanted which was the remake of a South film, Prabhu Deva again repeats the same formula in his another action-Masala movie Rowdy Rathore.. Akshay and Sonakshi starrer Rowdy  Rathore is the remake of Southern hit movie, Vikramarkudu (2009).

The plot of the story is really simple. Akshay has been cast in a double role in this film -- one as a cop and the second one as a petty thief. As Shiva the thief, he entertains the viewers, whereas as a policeman, Vikram Rathod, he targets serious movie lovers. The local mafia of Devgarh, Bhai Ji (Nasser) and his men believe that they have killed the righteous cop of the area, Vikram Singh Rathore. Story takes a new turn when news of Rathore being alive starts doing the rounds.

Bhaiji sends his thugs to Mumbai where Rathore is said to be living with his daughter. Meanwhile Shiva, decides to live like a gentleman for his ladylove Paro’s (Sonakshi) sake. Things turn worse when Rathore`s daughter mistakes Shiva as her father and starts living with him. When Devgarh goons mistake Shiva as Rathore they are hell-bent on killing him.

Thumbs up: After Wanted again Prabhu Deva shows his excellence as a director. Moreover, the way he handles dramatic sequences is really appreciable. While the central plot is pretty common, the screenplay packs a solid punch. While the first hour of the film is full of ‘paisa wasool’ entertainment masala , the second half gets into the action mode.

Though we cannot help but think that perhaps Akshay is getting a little old for all the romancing and bashing up goons sequences, Khiladi Khan again proves that he is the ultimate action hero.

This movie gives Akki a scope to prove his acting skill again in double role-as a cop and as a conman. Sonakshi with her generous curves and hip-swinging dance moves is a treat to watch. She does justice with the role of a rustic village girl. As a bad guy, Nassar is superb! Music composers Sajid-Wajid deliver yet another charming album.

'Chinta Ta Ta' is the pick of the lot and the presence of leading actors Vijay and Kareena Kapoor and Prabhu Deva himself gives it an edge. Santosh Thundiyil's cinematography is good. The action sequences are really full of punch. A fast pace narrative and punchy dialogues make Rowdy a good watch.

Thumbs Down: Though the premise of the film is good, the treatment is that of a typical south Indian pot boiler. In some places it really lacks logic. The violence is gory and in some places it will bore you. Editing could have been crispier. Akshay and Sonakshi as a couple seem to be not as appealing as the Sallu-Sonakshi magic in Dabngg. On the whole, 'Rowdy Rathore' is meant for the common masses who just watch movies only to enjoy.

The perfect blend of action, drama and humour, besides a good performance by Akshay Kumar and the latka-jhatkas of chirpy Sonakshi  make this picture a delightful movie watching experience. If you enjoy typical masala movies, this one is a must watch for you.

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)

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