Movie: Special 26

Director: Neeraj Pandey

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, Jimmy Sheirgil, Rajesh Sharma, Kishore Kadam, Divya Dutta and Kajal Aggarwal

Jagran Rating:  Good

Storyline: The film is based on a group of 1980’s con artists who execute number of robberies in a row. The con artists pretending to be CBI officials particularly target politicians and businessmen on the ploy of conducting raid. The movie starts when a CBI officer calls a local police officer to assist in the raid of a politician’s residence. The CBI team comb the house and uncover black money worth lakhs hidden in the ceiling, inside a vintage car, under God’s statue etc. The embarrassed politician sits through the entire drama while the officers seal and take away his money. The police are left to hold fort till the team returns.

Except that the team will not return. And there were no CBI officers to begin with!

This is all part of Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar), P. K. Sharma aka Sharmaji (Anupam Kher) and their friends’ con job. They pretend to be CBI/Income Tax officers and raid the houses of politicians and wealthy businessmen. Not only do they steal insane amounts of money with the help of the local police (without having to shell out a part for the cops), none of their grand thefts get reported as the politicians and businessmen do not want to speak about their black money. But one cop, Ranveer Singh (Jimmy Shergill), has taken this insult to heart.

After getting suspended with his colleague Shantiji (Divya Dutta), he asks the help of the real CBI officer Wasim Khan (Manoj Bajpai) to help nab these imposters. Now begins the game of cat-and-mouse. While Ajay wants to draw the curtains with a final huge heist, he decides to recruit 26 people in the guise of the CBI to create his Special Chabbis 26. Wasim cannot let a criminal get the better of him.

Thumbs Up: Unpredictable plot and action-packed drama catches your attention. Dexterous performances from all the actors and one of the most absorbing heist films. Akshay has totally come out of the image of a comedy hero and is being appreciated massively. All the actors in the movie are excellent. In spite of few loopholes, the climax of the movie will surprise you. The film is smartly written and presented.

Thumbs Down: Though, there are very few things in the film that will make you feel low, the weakest part of the film is its romantic outlook. Its unnatural addition is badly written and just as badly performed. Just like the songs.

In a nutshell, ‘Special 26’ is a must watch, action packed, well-written, thriller movie, with some hard core funny dialogues and scenes. You can now go and grab your ticket for the movie.

(*Bad,**Disappointing,***Average ,****Good,*****Excellent)

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