Movie: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Cast: Irrfan, Mahie Gill, Jimmy Sheirgill, Soha Ali Khan and Raj Babbar

Jagran Rating:  Good

Story Line:

Right at the start of Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns, we meet Irrfan as Raja Bhaiyya, a small town hoodlum-politician with feudal antecedents who chases a press photographer down the narrow gullies of a Madhya Pradesh backwater city and thrashes the hell out of the cowering lensman for cutting his face out of a newspaper report on a political rally.

Unlike its prequel ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster’, ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster returns’ is a movie that needs time to seep in. The movie is well-grafted with impeccable presentation of scenes that grab your attention till end. Jimmy Shergill (Saheb) comes as a wheelchair-bound husband who seems wicked and stubborn particularly to his alcoholic wife (Biwi) Mahie Gill. Irrfan Khan (Gangster) from royal lineage is desperate to set scores with Saheb’s wife. Soha Ali Khan, love interest of Saheb, fits very well in dynamic royal mistress role.  Movie is powerful dose of double love triangles and rich political satires.

The plot unfolds like an intricate jigsaw - each puzzle falling into place with a thunderous impact. The doddering aspirations of the depraved politicians form the backbone of the supple sequel where the men are often caught with their pants down...and the women don't seem to mind it!

Converging on Irrfan's character, the script clamps down on the mofussil mindset on politics, woman, power and family values- all these aspects of Indian life come together in a hurl of hectic machinations.
Dhulia spares us the verbal vulgarity. Admirably the characters trade outrageous insults without abusing mothers and sisters in the process. At one point when the bankrupt zamindar Aditya Pratap Singh (Jimmy) is repulsed by his inebriated wife's sexual advances, he tells her, "Your seduction is so cheap I feel like paying for it. But I don't have the chillar (loose coins) to do so."

Dignity is at the lowest ebb and desire at an all-time high as Thakur Aditya Pratap Singh resolves to remarry. He chooses as his bride the vulnerable and pretty Ranjana (Soha). Once Ranjana enters the crumbling corrupted palace, Dhulia's plot lets the politics of one up-woman-ship between the rejected wife and the new bride take over. You almost wish there was more conflict between Mahie and Soha's characters to justify the corkscrew finale.

Indeed Mahie pulls out all stops once again to play the kind of slutty royalty-wife whose cravings are so apparent they shame, anger and embarrass even bystanders, as we witness when in her politician's cabin a subordinate offers her spending-money assuring her he would "take it back from her husband".

Thumbs Up:

Irrfan plays the outsider with such in-house cockiness, warmth and humour that we don't miss Randeep Hooda who seduced the "biwi" in the first film. Mahie Gill savours and embraces her character's immorality, with Soha's angelic bride-act performing an arresting counterpoint. Indeed the sequel to "Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster" moves far ahead in its packaging and technical finesse. Screenplay, Direction and dialogue are remarkable in movie.

Thumbs Down:

The movie has minimal flaws and is a must watch for all.



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