The operating system created by the Mozilla developer community as an open-source system failed to gain traction in mobile devices, according to a statement from Mozilla developer George Roter.

"Through the work of hundreds of contributors we made an awesome push and created an impressive platform in Firefox OS," he said in a blog post.

Roter said Mozilla has set 'our plan to end-of-life support for smartphones after the Firefox OS 2.6 release' which means that 'Firefox OS for smartphones will no longer have staff involvement beyond May'.

In 2013, Mozilla announced a tie-up with Spanish-based GeeksPhone to introduce two low-cost devices powered by Firefox. Firefox devices made by China's ZTE and TCL were announced in 2014 at a cost as low as USD 25.

Roter said Mozilla made the decision as part of a push 'to pivot from 'Firefox OS' to 'connected devices'' and would be focusing on developing open-source software for the Internet of Things – a category which includes everything from connected cars to light-bulbs.

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