Bhopal: Miffed by the steep price hike, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President of Madhya Pradesh, Prabhat Jha has appealed to President Pratibha Patil for ‘death by wish’ for his haplessness on this issue. However, amused over the fact, the Congress has termed it a political gimmick to hog the limelight.

A Rajya Sabha member, Prabhat Jha in his letter said, “I am a member of the Upper House. I am not suffering from the inflation as common people have been but if I am not going to think for more than a billion people of India then my presence here is worthless.”

Jha said that he neither wants to indulge in hassles of reading official records nor comparing the performance of UPA and NDA." He added, “This inflation has become a synonym of death and UPA government is serving death to people through the steep price hike.”

The state BJP chief said that his family and party members have been informed about his petition for mercy killing. In his letter, he wrote, “I have a humble request to accept my petition for mercy killing to make an effort to check the inflation. I want acceptance, not the answer of my letter.”

He also claimed that the letter is not meant for publicity but is an expression of his pain. He said, “Whatever I am writing is neither emotional nor meant for publicity.”

Jha has sent a copy of his letter to the Chief justice of Supreme Court, BJP President Nitin Gadkari and party leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley. His letter has been produced before media also.

Previously too, Jha had expressed his dissent over price hike by starting a movement to burn stoves on roads.

Congress has taken this issue bitterly and has given sharp reactions against Jha’s mercy killing petition.

Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Kantilal Bhuria termed this act as a drama. He said, “If BJP chief is so much distressed because of inflation then why his party government in MP is not reducing taxes on its own level to control inflation.”

“A case of corruption has been lodged against the MP Chief Minister,” he said and added, “Jha has ignored the fact that property worth crores was recovered from a government official.”

On the other hand, Congress legislator Govind Singh said, “Jha has been good at dramatics, and he latches on to any opportunity which he gets to hog the limelight.”