Gwalior: There is good news for thousands of investors in Madhya Pradesh who were duped by Chit Fund companies with promises of doubling their money in a very short period by investment in real estate and dairy businesses.

Around 16, 000 investors of a chit fund company ‘Parivar Dairy Limited’ are likely to get back their hard earned money.

Retired Justice S S Trivedi, who has been appointed as the Court Commissioner will hear the petitions of investors and will decide the amount that must be returned to them.

An official of the district administration and a member of Parivar Dairy Management will assist Trivedi in his work.

The money will be returned from the seized bank accounts and properties of the company.

Earlier in September, the district court here had appointed retired Justice S S Trivedi as Court Commissioner to look after the chit fund forgery cases in the state and safe return of investor’s money.

It is noteworthy that it will be first incident where the investors will get back their money after being duped by a chit fund company.