Bhopal:Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan today warned people against over exploitation of natural resources as this would have adverse impact on environment and human livelihood.
Inaugurating a two-day conference 'Dharma-Dhamma' ,Chouhan said his government would imbibe the workable outcome of the seminar to improve governance.
"We are today digging Earth and cutting trees mindlessly not to utilise the natural resources but to exploit them. We are taking out minerals like coal, diamond, bauxite, iron.Over-exploitation of such resources is leading to global warming. The whole environment is getting affected due to it,"Chouhan said.
He said the objective of the conference is to find ways to bring good governance for the people through the principle of Dharma-Dhamma. "I want to incorporate religion in governance so that there is happiness in people's life and there is public good. I want to assure you that my government will imbibe all the suggestions that comes up during the deliberations here to improve governance," Chouhan said.
The chief minister said there was a need to ensure a proper balance through the path of righteousness to check greed and violence in the society."We should follow the path of righteousness and work for sustainable environment.

A right balance must be struck in utilising natural resources. Technology should be such so that it generates more employment for the people. It (technological advancement) should not take away people's job," he said.
About 230 religious experts and scholars from countries including the US, Korea, Italy, China, Bhutan and Sri Lanka among others have come here to deliberate on various matters related to politics, business and economic development through the concept of Dharma-Dhamma.


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