Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Congress has accused the state government of swindling Rs 500 crore in procurement of Wheat. The state Congress issued a black paper in the state assembly on the alleged scam on Sunday and demanded resignation of the concerned minister.

The opposition party also demanded a thorough probe by a retired judge of the High Court.
Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh Rahul said, "In the history of Madhya Pradesh never ever a bigger scam on wheat purchase, storage and transportation has been reported. Though the government claims to have purchased 50 lakh ton of wheat, there is hardly any record on the purchase of 22 lakh ton wheat."

Ajay Singh alleged that the Chief Minister of the state, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who himself is a son of framer, is cheating on the farmers. “The farmers of the state are hoodwinked. A gang of ministers and brokers are actively involved in unlawful activities. They are duping the farmers. They have not given the farmers the actual cost of their harvest. They have also not given the debit at one percent interest rate,” said Singh

The Leader of Opposition claimed that the accusations are affirmative as Fertiliser Commissioner has been removed from his post.

Citing disarray in the wheat purchase, the opposition leader raised question on the record purchase of wheat in drought affected districts. “Although Chatarpur and Teekamgarh were announced as drought affected district but there has been record purchase in these two districts,” alleged Singh.

The spokesperson of the state government, Narrottam Mishra had earlier confirmed that neighboring states have sold wheat in Madhya Pradesh.