Gwalior: In the wake of frequent death of the national bird Peacock in Morena district, the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has decided to launch a counting drive to get an exact idea of the number of peacocks.

The counting drive would help the department in drafting a conservation plan of peacocks in future.

Morena, which has an identity of being home to perhaps the largest number of peacocks in the country, has witnessed death of the bird due to high temperature and polluted drinking water.

In the wake of a series of death, the department wants to collect a fresh data about the existing numbers of peacocks because the last counting was done in the district five years back.

In the last counting, the number of peacocks stood at 75000. If the number peacocks in the entire Chambal region is counted, the number would inflate to over one lakh.

The counting of the department would be focusing in areas where peacocks move for water in summers.

Notably, Chambal region is known for mustard cultivation. Peacocks love to feed on the worms and other insects found in the mustard crops. It is one of the main reasons for huge number of peacocks found in the region.