Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh government has decided to conduct a probe into clinical trial case of Indore where a pediatrician allegedly took Rs 1.44 crores from several companies to conduct drug trials on children.

On Tuesday, the matter was raised by an Independent MLA Paras Saklecha in the State Assembly alleging that Dr Hemant Jain, Professor Pediatric, Rashtriya Chacha Nehru Child hospital, who conducted clinical trials on 1833 children from year 2006 to 2010. In this time period, Jain made on several trips to France and Switzerland as a WHO consultant without seeking permission from the concerned authorities.

In response to the objections raised by Saklecha, Medical Education Minister of the state, Mahendra Hardiya clarified that Jain has conducted trials on 44 children in the year 2010 by giving them HPVV 503 for cervical cancer, manufactured by America based Pharmaceutical company.
He informed that for conducting the trials, two age groups of children was selected. First group comprised kids between 9-15 years of age and the second group included girls between 16-26 years of age.

Saklecha highlighted that 12 children were born in the year 2010 even as drug trials were conducted on them in the year 2007. He raised questions on such irregularities. Notably, the trials were conducted for Korea based company for which Jain received an amount of Rs 1.44 crore from the pharmaceutical company.

The MLA also pointed that Hemant he did not take permission from the concerned authority before going on foreign trips.

It needs to be mentioned that the malpractice was revealed in reply to an RTI application filed by health activists. Nearly 40 doctors and 18 hospitals in Indore were found flouting the norms of clinical trials.