Indore: Those officials may face consequences who are allegedly involved in gifting fake jewelleries to brides under the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister’s Kanyadaan scheme.

Four women have registered complaints with Allot Police Station of Ratlam against the fake jewellery distribution done by the concerned officials.

Over 60 couples had tied the knot in Allot on January 27 under the aforesaid scheme. The brides were bestowed with ornaments including silver ear rings, nose rings, anklets and ‘manglasutras’ as part of the scheme, which were later discovered fake. The silver ornaments turned black within a month, sources said.

According to report, sterling jewellery was covered with silver polish. Fumed over the deception, the victims registered complaints against the CEO of the district panchayat.

Taking note of the complaint, the District Magistrate of Ratlam ordered the SDM of Allot to set an enquiry into the matter.

According to SDO, PR Barsena, the women have been cheated and we smell the rat of forgery. The enquiry has been set up by the district authorities. Action would be taken after the enquiry is completed.