Indore: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Saturday launched an ambitious Rs 8000 crore project in Malwa region under which river Narmada will be connected to four rivers in the next five years.

"Under the project, Narmada waters would be connected to Kshipra, Gambhir, Kalisindh and Parwati rivers in next five years. Bidding for a pilot project will be finalised in October and the first phase of river-linking will be completed in 2014," Chouhan told reporters at Bardwaha in Khargone district.

When completed, around 450 cubic meters of water from Narmada will be released in the four rivers, he said after symbolically releasing the river water collected in an urn from Kshipra river at its origin of Ujjaini in Indore district.

70 cities and 3000 villages will be benefited once the project is completed, sources said.

The Chief Minister also announced a Rs 432 crore Narmada-Kshipra-Simhastha linking scheme on the occasion.

"Under the scheme, water from Narmada river at Sisliya would be lifted through pipes and then taken upto the origin of river Kshipra where the confluence of two rivers will take place. The scheme would benefit 70 cities and 3000 villages of Malwa region," he said, adding it will also ensure presence of water round the year in river Kshipra.

Khipra River during Simhasth (Kumbh) fair scheduled in 2016, the Chief Minister said.


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