Indore: In a shocking revelation it has been found that at least 1000 postmortem reports are pending in Maharaja Yashwant Rao Hospital (M Y Hospital), state’s biggest government hospital. Adding woes to the worries of the deceased kins is that they have to run from pillar to post to obtain the report.

Surprisingly, the police officers are also not spared the ordeal, who too have to rub their heels along with the common man to get a postmortem report. Six police stations have even served notices to doctors to get 238 postmortem (PM) reports which the doctors of the hospital have failed to release in the past two years.

Significantly, a doctor within a time frame of three days should release a PM report. In the forensic department of the M Y Hospital, at least 1000 post mortems were done in 2008 whose reports are still pending with the hospital authority.

The PM reports that have not been released since 2008 include cases like people dying in accidents, suicide cases and many more.

Due to this, reasons behind many deaths have not been ascertained till date. This has not just increased the woes of common men but has also been a cause of headache to the police crippling their investigation process. The police, for this reason, have been unable to file chargesheet against many notorious criminals.

On this matter Forensic department head Dr SK Dadu said, “We have shortage of staff and work pressure has increased four times. In a year we can do away with 500 PM reports while the number of postmortem requests which come to us is 1900 yearly. Obviously, this will affect the work”

The echo of this issue was heard in the Assembly and the High Court. Other than a show-cause notice to the responsible doctors by the HC on the petition of High Court judge Kishore Gupta, no concrete result has come up as of now.