Gwalior: The mining mafias have not only spread their tentacles in several areas of Madhya Pradesh but are even calling the shots near the illegal sites.

A recent exposure in this regard has set alarm bells ringing amongst the state and forest authorities.

Approximately, 600 meter long road was constructed near the jungles in Kulaitha range by mafias to extract stones from inside areas.

Ironically, the Forest department was not even aware about the road till the time the Forest Conservation officials intervened in the issue.

The investigation exposed how activities were being conducted illegally right under the nose of authorities in forest reserve areas.

More than 160 dumpers of concrete and other raw materials were used for the construction of 650 meter long road. The investigation also stated that all raw materials used in the construction were illegally extracted from jungle areas itself.

The investigation report has been tabled now and yet no action has been initiated against anyone. However, merely fulfilling the formalities a case has been lodged against contractor Vishal Singh Pal.