Bhopal: The Centre’s effort to make its flagship development programme Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scehme corruption free seems to be withering in Madhya Pradesh (MP) as the state has been dilly dallying in appointing Lokpals as per the provision of the MNREGA.

The Union Rural Development Ministry had directed all state governments to appoint Lokpals in every district in the country under Section-27 of MNNREGA. As per the Act, the Lokpals shall be independent of the jurisdiction of the Centre or the state governments.

In the meeting of the monitoring and vigilance committee formed for MNREGS, MP Rural Development Minister Gopal Bhargav had promised to appoint the Lokpals at every district. 

Ministry officials wrote to the Centre that the appointment of Lokpals for monitoring MNREGS would not be feasible in the state.

They argue that state has already set up the institution of Lokayukta. If the Lokpals are appointed, this will lead to the sharp confrontation between both the statutory bodies.

The officials took up the issue with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan.