Gwalior: The novel step of the gram panchayats in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh has finally started showing colours as several villagers have started quitting their drinking habits.

The turnaround is a result of the two-pronged strategy of the panchayats; make people aware of the consequences of such habits and impose monetary fine on habitual drinkers.

Five months back, thousands of villagers of around four dozen villagers in the Porsa region of the district were addicted to drinking. In some of the villages, almost 90 percent people were addicted to drinking.

It was then that some noble men of the local bodies decided to take some measures to get rid of the habit.

In around one dozen villages of Porsa region -- Budhara, Nagra, Nandpura, Kasmada, Kaitharkalan, Shikhara, Lalpura, Patwari ka pura, Jeewaram a committee was formed.

In the committee, it was decided that whoever was found drinking would have to pay Rs 100 as fine. People, even the relatives of some  ddicts started reporting against them.

After initial hiccups, the step started to pay results and now the drinking percentage has reduced from 90 to 40 percent in the area.