Gwalior: In an initiative to curb rising cases of female foeticide in the region, the police department in Chambal region would keep a record of birth of girl child, apart from their routine work of policing.

Considering poor sex ratio in Bhind and Moraina districts of Chambal region, the police department has decided to play their part in saving the girl child.

Bhind district police, along with the Women and Child Welfare Department will keep a tab on the female child birth and their overall upbringing.

The orthodox mindset against girls has led to a spike in the female feoticide in the region which has drastically affected the sex ratio in the district. As per record, there are 825 girls for every 1000 boys in the district.

In a recent incident, a village headman of Kharoa in Bhind district killed his newborn girl.

Alarmed by the incident, Bhind SP, Anurag decided to initiate measure to check female foeticide and has associated Women and Child Welfare Department to save girl child.

As per plan, the police along with the Child Welfare Department will keep a record of pregnant females in their region.

A detailed report will be prepared and will be submitted to the police officer of the region. Later, survey will be conducted to record the number of births.

Thereafter, a separate list of girls born in the region will be prepared to keep an eye on their upbringing.