Kolkata: Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee has advised her party workers not to be rattled by the derogatory remarks made against her by CPI (M) MP Anil Basu, and urged them to remain focused on the state assembly elections.

Addressing a party rally in Gariya on Sunday, Banerjee said, “Baffled by the public support, Trinamool has received during the election campaign, CPI (M) leaders have stooped to the level of using derogatory remarks against us.”

Mamata termed it a pre-planned conspiracy of CPI (M) leaders to derail the Trinamool election campaign.

“One CPI (M) leader uses derogatory remarks and another apologizes, which reflects that it is a planned move. The party should remember that truth will prevail in the end.” said Banerjee, reminiscing that CPI (M) leaders had used abusive language against her in the past, but it failed to make any impact on her.

Mamata asserted that this was not for the first time when CPI (M) members have resorted to such cheap tricks.

“In the past too, CPI (M) leaders have used foul language against legends like Ramkrishan Paramhans, Rabindranath Tagore and Subhash Chandra Bose.” she said, adding that this would only benefit Trinamool Congress.

Due to her impractical approach computer education and English language were  banned in the state. As a result, lakhs of youths were left unemployed in the state.

“If voted to power, Trinamool will make the best possible effort to provide jobs to at least 10 lakh people of the state,” she added.