None of the MPs in the country have been able to utilize the full MPLAD funds which are allocated for infrastructural development in their respective constituencies.

In the national capital, only 70 percent of a total of Rs 93.75 crore made available to Lok Sabha MPs could be used, which leaves around Rs 28.80 crore as unspent funds. Northern states witnessed similar lapses.

Out of Rs 178.64 crore provided to Haryana MPs, 24.15 percent is set to lapse while more than 25 percent of the money remained unspent in Punjab.

With Rs 344.26 crore remaining unspent out of a total of Rs 1,306 crore given to MPs in the state, Uttar Pradesh led the list for MPLAD funds lying unused.

The data suggests that it is the northern states which are amongst the worst performers when it comes to unused MPLAD funds with their eastern and southern counterparts having performed comparatively better.

On the western side, faster developing states like Gujarat saw a lapse of 25.50 percent of the said funds, which amounts to Rs 98.13 crore.

Rajasthan MPs left Rs 98.29 crore unspent. While 32.36 percent of the funds were unused in Bihar, West Bengal will see 29.65 percent of the allocation lapse.

However, states which have been constantly performing well vis-a-vis literacy rates and sex ratio, like Mizoram and Manipur, saw a more efficient utilisation of MPLAD resources with only 6.19 percent going to waste in Mizoram while Manipur will have to return 17.66 percent of its total allocation.

Among the southern states, only 19.40 percent of the total funds, amounting to Rs 116.98 crore, lapsed in Tamil Nadu out of a total allocation of Rs 602.84 crore.

The MP Local Area Development Division is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the MP Local Area Development Scheme.

Under the scheme, each MP has the choice of making suggestions to the District Collector regarding works to be taken up. Rajya Sabha MPs can recommend works in one or more districts of the state from where they have been elected.

Nominated Members of Parliament may select one or more districts in any one state of the country for implementation of works under the scheme.


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