New Delhi: To give a boost to "constituency for peace", Parliamentarians from India and Pakistan met here on Thursday for a "free flowing" discussion on issues concerning people of the two countries.

The two-day parliamentarians' dialogue which commenced on Thursday is being jointly chaired by MP Yashwant Sinha and Pakistani Senator Mir Jan Mohammad Khan Jamali.

"From both sides we represent our people so we will discuss about the people and the common man. We will move ahead of our foreign offices and will talk with an open heart," Sinha told a news agency on the sidelines of the meeting.
On issues to be discussed in the second round of talks, which began this year in January in Islamabad, Sinha said, "If we succeed in generating trust and belief on level of people and Parliament, then the constituency for peace will gain strength in both countries leading to a process of peace and friendship."

Observing that time has come to discuss and solve the pending issues between the two countries, Senator Jamali said, "For the last 64 years neither of the foreign offices have achieved any success. The agenda for this meeting is to give directions to the issues (between India and Pakistan) and solve them."

Two generations have passed and the third one has arrived, so the time has come for parliamentarians to talk, he said. Asked whether the meeting will discuss issues like Kashmir and terrorism, Jamali said, "We talk in a very frank manner without going for official vocabularies. We talk straight and we want to take a lead. Thankfully, it is democracy in  Pakistan right now. So time has come to find a solution."

Replying to the query, Mani Shankar Aiyar said, "I am sure there are issues between India and Pakistan and with respect to addressing those issues, people may have points to make. For instance, I would say with respect to Kashmir both Governments should be told to build on whatever was achieved so far."