New Delhi: Members of Parliament in Lok Sabha on Thursday urged the Central government to create a multi-disciplinary agency to investigate into the cases of Indian soldiers languishing in Pakistan prisons.

Raising the issue of 54 missing Indian soldiers during Bangladesh Mukti Sangram, Congress MP Manish Tewari said, “54 prisoners of war have been languishing in Pakistan jails. Their families are waiting for them.”

He urged the government to create a multi-disciplinary agency to look into the matter scientifically and identify them so that they can be taken out from Pakistan jails at the earliest.

Tewari, who was speaking during Zero Hour said, “Evidences have been given in this regard but they are not officially confirmed yet. Government of India should create a special committee to look into the matter to figure out Indian soldiers in Pakistan jails.”

“Families are facing a sorry plight as they do not know whether these people are alive or dead. They are waiting for past 40 years. The matter should be taken on priority,” Tiwari added.