The Opposition had done second round of firing by targeting the BJP for attempting to gain political mileage from surgical strikes that was India's subsequent response and was also necessary in the nation's interest.

This tut-tutting is going on in the political parties since the DGMO announced that India successfully eliminated many terror launchpads from the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, P Chidambaram and many others accused the BJP of converting the successful military operations against Pakistan as an electoral boost for the upcoming elections.

They said that we wanted to take this surgical strike to people, which show how they have politicised the matter: Kapil Sibal

— ANI (@ANI_news) October 7, 2016

Retorting to BJP's claim of the Indian Army crossing the LoC on September 29, Sibal asked, "Who crossed the LoC in 1965, 71 and 1999? Did Modi, Amit Shah or Parrikar cross the LoC? Does the Indian history start from 2014?"

He also chastised the BJP for forgetting all these historic dates and accused the party of exploiting the Indian Army's strikes. "We didn't politicise Kargil," he said. The ongoing slugfest took the ugly turn when Kapil Sibal crossed the line of sincerity by making the unending grousing clamours at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government during the Kargil war. He clearly quoted that India crossed the LoC in 1999. This statement became the matter of discussions among many as Sibal cited it completely wrong.

Adhering to facts, even former US president Bill Clinton, in his autobiography 'My Life', revealed that “Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif moves were perplexing since the Indian Prime Minister had travelled to Lahore to promote bilateral talks and by crossing the Line of Control, Pakistan had wrecked the talks". So, it was not India who crossed the Line of Control. The former president also applauded the Indian restraint for not crossing the Line of Control (LoC) during the Kargil war in 1999.

The Kargil war in 1999 provided an opportunity to India to cross the Line of Control but it preferred to respect its sanctity.

The Congress evidently didn't stick to a particular statement. It started with praising the Modi government for the surgical strikes and dubbing it as unprecedented and later on didn't shy away accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of 'khoon Ki dalali'.

Upping the offensive, Kapil Sibal referred the Amit Shah statement and said, "People who are named in murder cases will tell us that our roots are tainted. I didn't expect the BJP to stoop so low that its leadership will have to point fingers at those who gave independence. Convicted people are giving lectures. The government has no experience in making statements," Sibal said.

Jinke khilaaf murder ke case ho,jinhone jail ki hava khaayi ho vo batayenge ki Rahul ji ke mool mein khot hai?: Kapil Sibal

— ANI (@ANI_news) October 7, 2016

Earlier, Amit Shah held a press conference and rebuked Rahul Gandhi for his 'Khoon Ki Dalali' statement and accused the Congress party for playing politics over the entire issue.

Failed Pakistan Policy
Kapil Sibal was vocal about the NDA government's failed attempt of mending relationship with Pakistan. Sibal asked, "Who asked PM Modi to attend birthday party in Islamabad? Who told Defence Minister to visit the neighbouring country and who told to give 'Jhappiya and Pappiya' to Nawaz Sharif?"

Aapko kya zarurat thi Pakistan jaakar Birthday manane ki?: Kapil Sibal

— ANI (@ANI_news) October 7, 2016

Dubbing Pakistan as a cancer patient, Kapil Sibal said that the neighbouring country has cancer cells in its body and therefore India seeks to treat it with chemotherapy as it wants Pakistan to be a healthy nation.

Throwing tantrums on the BJP, Sibal said that one surgical strike can't cure cancer. "Has cancer stopped? Is terrorism over?" asked Sibal.

Pak is a patient&terrorism is the cancer cells in its body;India wants that patient to be healthy, so will have to give chemotherapy:K Sibal

— ANI (@ANI_news) October 7, 2016

BJP Responsible For Masood Azhar's Rise
Launching a scathing attack on the BJP, the Congress also blamed the ruling party for the rise of terrorists like Masood Azhar.

"Who let out Masood Azhar? Whose defence minister accompanied him to Pakistan? Who is giving power (electricity) to Pakistan? It's BJP's so called special friend who is giving them electricity and their industrialist friends are negotiating it. And they blame Congress party?" Sibal said.

Aaj ye hamle hote hi nahi agar Jaish-e-Mohd paida nahi hota, aur use paida BJP ne kiya, Masood Azhar ko riha kiya: Kapil Sibal

— ANI (@ANI_news) October 7, 2016

All the bickering has came after the PM Modi's message of no chest-thumping. But, the ground reality says otherwise.