Sharma, about whom it was said that he has not realized his true potential, has now cemented his place in the Indian team with a consistent stellar show as an opener in ODIs.
Sharma's career got a new lease of life after skipper Dhoni experimented and made him an opener.
"He's made Rohit Sharma into a player. No Indian player would have played 100 ODI games without playing a Test. He would not have got an opportunity. Now we sit back and say, how good a player Sharma is. He's got time and ability. You got to give credit to Dhoni. In the past, players have come and gone away because of lack of opportunity and belief," he said.
Talking about his own captaincy days, Ganguly said he was very satisfied with what he did.
"As captain, you take decision and you have to face the consequences. When I sit back and see my days as captain and when I see where the Indian cricket has gone, I don't worry about it. I'm happy that the Indian cricket has gone forward. That's what matters. I was not there to make anyone happy or sad. I was there to do a job and make sure the Indian cricket gets forward," he asserted.


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