It has been the topic of conversation on Twitter and various social media networks. Guruji, who is known for his singing ability, has sung all the songs in the film.

Recently, the song 'Never Ever' was released. The number talks about love for the Supreme Being and is targeted towards the youth.

It has been remixed so that it can be played at parties and venues frequented by youngsters. The remix version has the highest vocal range in one single song by an artist ever, which is 36 semitones or three octaves.

It varies from B Flat in the lower octave to B Flat in the higher octave. The composition and vocals are all by Guruji himself. The song has already recorded one million views on YouTube.

The film deals with social evils like drug abuse, alcoholism and prostitution. Guruji has been working towards eradicating the menace, especially through free meditation to help people make the change.

The film is an entertainer with an underlying message about instilling self-confidence with spirituality without being preachy. Messenger of God releases on January 16, 2015 all across India.

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