Cairo, Jan 29 (Agencies): Hundreds of anti-Government protesters returned on Saturday to the streets of central Cairo, shouting for President Hosni Mubarak to step down and attacking police.

With protesters pouring into Cairo's Tahrir Square for a fifth day meant Mubarak's pledges of reform and the dismissal of the government had done little to cool the anger over Egypt's crushing poverty, unemployment and corruption.

In a nationally televised speech after midnight, Mubarak refused to meet the protesters' ultimate demand — for him to step down.

"What we want is for Mubarak to leave, not just his government," said Mohammed Mahmoud, a protester. "We will not stop protesting until he goes."

Some protesters were wearing T-shirts with "Down with Mubarak" splashed on the fronts. Others chanted "The people want to topple the regime."

Not far from the square, the Army sealed off the road leading to the Parliament and Cabinet buildings. Though the military has not yet intervened in the clashes, state television quoted Army officials as calling on people not to gather and protest, warning violators would be subject to law.

Along the Nile, smoke was still billowing from the ruling party's headquarters, which protesters set ablaze during Friday's unrest, the most dramatic day of protests since the unrest began on Tuesday.

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