He also asked doctors to work among the poor in far-flung areas at least for a week in a year.

"You are so lucky to have studied in an institution like AIIMS. I leave you in hope that as children of mother India you will give back to society which has given you so much love...," he said at at 42nd convocation of the institute.

Modi said Indian doctors have made a name for themselves world over but the country was far behind other countries in the field of research.

"In the field of research we should become more conscious towards case history. We should record the case history of patients and it can give us valuable information in two-three years. It may be possible that some among you could become a research scientist," he said.

In an apparent reference to Health Minister Harsh Vardhan's remark that over 40 percent of AIIMS doctors go abroad for work, Modi said he was not aware if the thought of giving back crossed their mind as the country diverted budget from different sectors to their field, which made them what they are.

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