Kolkata, Jan 06 (Agencies):

Singer Shubha Mudgal, who is at equal ease with Hindustani classical music as well as other genres  like  rock, jazz and blues, believes that a guru's guidance and an ear for music moulds a singer.
"You have to be patient. Things cannot be learnt all of a sudden in music. One has to be humble and receptive," says Mudgal. She has been trained by Ramashreya Jha, Pandit Vasant Thakar and established singers including Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki, Naina Devi and Pt Kumar Gandharva.
"A guru is everything in his disciple's life. They mould their mind into the required direction and make them focused," she added.

"I owe everything to my gurus who introduced me to music and thereafter trained my voice which helped me inculcate other styles as well," she said.
Introduced at a very tender age to the world of music, she believes that the responsibility to chalk out a definite path for the musical journey in an individual’s life should be left with the guru.
"The guru should decide the genre of music to be followed by a pupil.”
"But that doesn’t mean that an individual should refrain himself from other styles. For a musician it is critical to allow the artist within him to express himself efficiently," Mudgal said.

During the launch of a well-known Bengali contemporary singer Lopamudra Mitra’s album Monfokira, Mudgal admired the Bengali music characterizing it as soulful and rich.