The fact that the Congress has now turned its guns towards Anna Hazare after Baba Ramdev is equally objectionable and disappointing. The way Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee joined the chorus with the Congress spokespersons in dismissing the demands of Anna Hazare, it gives credence to suspicions that it is a ploy of the Central government to deflect the attention of the country from the issue of corruption. It is a devious scheme of the Centre and Anna Hazare must prevent him from getting trapped into it. It is advisable that Anna should abstain from making any verbal or written statement because the government wants to trap him in a web of words. Anna and his team must refrain from making unnecessary statement. Similarly, it is also desirable from the Congress leaders and union ministers. Such statements and counter statements are not only downgrading the level of a civilized debate, but is also deviating the entire debate from its core. In order to keep the issues of corruption and Lokpal alive, it is important not to give any opportunity to the government, especially when it is desperate to put the monkey off its back. While it is shameful on part of the Central government that is engaged in mudslinging against its critics, it seems that the Congress fails to understand that its approach would yield nothing.

The approach of the Congress towards Anna Hazare makes it amply clear that the oldest political party of the country is least interested in manifesting a mature political acumen. It laughable that the ruling party tries to portray Anna as the face of RSS at one time, on the other it terms his demands as unjustified. When such antics failed to bear fruits, the Congress marked the anti-graft protest as a movement weakening the democracy. Quite contrary to Congress’ view, the country is well aware that democracy is weakened by displaying incompetence in curbing corruption and by protecting those involved in it. What is unjustified and unconstitutional in Anna Hazare’s demands of constituting the office of Lokpal? Why are questions being raised against Anna and his team, if the Congress thinks the BJP is not honest on the issue of corruption? If the Congress thinks Anna has support of only a handful of people, then why the unease and restlessness in the government on the issue? If the Central government is committed to fight corruption, then why does it not reflect in its actions? Despite all efforts of the Central government, the countrymen are no more in a mood to let the issue dissipate because they can very clearly differentiate between words and the deeds of the government. It the Centre wants to guard its sanctity, it should avoid unnecessary criticism of Anna Hazare because by terming the Civil Society as uncivil, it is disrespecting even the common man. It can well have to pay a price for it.