"This party (NC) has never allowed democratic institutions to be strengthened in this region," former chief minister and PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said at a meeting of shareholders of Citizens Cooperative Bank in Jammu.
"From 1947 to 2002, the NC leadership through its deceitful tactics had dismantled democratic institutions in the state because political instability suits this party, which thrives only on chaos and anarchy," he charged.
Mufti said that it was his desire to establish political stability in Jammu and Kashmir and make it a model state.
He said that Jammu and Kashmir has the potential to emerge as model state of the country and there is a need of a credible leadership which would give new directions and implement visionary policies.
Mufti said that the PDP regime of three years had proved how to deliver good governance to the people and to bring in transparency and accountability in the system.
Seeking support in the coming Lok Sabha elections, he said that PDP has fielded credible and trusted candidates so as to give real representation to the people of the state.

He called upon the citizens to educate the people about the policies and programmes of the PDP regime which aimed at shaping up a politically stable, economically vibrant and socially emancipated Jammu and Kashmir.


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