"Mufti government is maximum circus minimum governance. Common people on the street are asking is this what we got after two months of negotiations at Srinagar, Jammu, Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur at all," Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader Nawang Rigzin Jora said.

He said the tango of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mufti Sayeed lacks rhythm, beat and sync in common knowledge when they chose to be partners.

"That it would be such an amusing sight, only few expected," he said adding the roots of this public spectacles were embedded in their respective political ideologies.

"While the PDP makes no bones about its leaning towards separatists, the BJP has never shied away from wearing its hinduvta identity on its sleeves", he said.

Jora said while the PDP was for making border irrelevant and restructuring the state constitution (hints of shared sovereignty of Jammu and Kashmir between India and Pakistan - as per their election manifesto), the BJP was for reclaiming territory under Pakistan occupation as per PM Modi's assertion in Parliament referring to the parliamentary resolution".

"While Mufti Sayeed is for unconditional dialogue with all stakeholder - meaning Hurriyat and separatists; the BJP is for dialogue, if any, within the ambit of the Constitution. The two are as different as chalk and cheese," Jora said adding that yet they chose to get together.

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