Mumbai: Starlets Mugdha Godse and Yuvika Chaudhary apparently made quite a spectacle of themselves for his attention at an outdoor shoot. Govinda seems to be getting a lot of attention from starlets these days.

During the recent Thailand schedule of Kishen Chaudhary's Afra Tafri, his pretty, young co-stars Yuvika Chaudhary and Mugdha Godse tried their best to outdo each other for his attention.

Yuvika, who had a small role in Om Shanti Om, has worked with Chi Chi in Naughty@40. Naturally, she was a clear favourite

According to the grapevine, Yuvika and Govinda have been bonding extremely well, and he has even been recommending her to play his heroine in future projects.

Same colour

Says a unit source, "Govinda and Yuvika hung around together during the filming of Afra Tafri. They would sometimes arrive on the sets wearing colour co-ordinated outfits.There were hushed whispers about their bonding."

Adds the source, "As Mugdha was working with Govinda for the first time, she was keen to befriend him so that the scenes would be easier to enact in the comedy.But things would get uncomfortable with Yuvika around. It turned out to a competition of sorts to see who wins the confidence of Govinda more."

Apparently, Chi Chi enjo-yed all the female attention he was getting. The starlets remained unavailable for comment.