"Where was he when there was injustice? He earlier returned from Muzaffarnagar after just waving hands. Congress and BJP leaders used to visit the relief camps in the night and mislead people there. This is all a conspiracy of Congress and BJP," Mulayam said while addressing party workers at party headquarters in Lucknow.
"Now, they have reached there for inciting the people," he alleged.
Asserting that the state government has done whatever is possible for the victims, Mulayam said that Rs five lakh was given for construction of houses and Rs two lakh for purchasing essential commodities. "No such facilities were given to such victims anywhere in India."
Asking party members to take the Lok Sabha elections seriously shunning differences, Mulayam said that some candidates had been changed by the party but still five-six candidates were not working satisfactory.
"The elections will be held in April. Only three months are left for the polls. Both BJP and Congress will not be able to get majority while third front would get it and form the government," he said.
Referring to BJP leader Narendra Modi, the ex-UP CM said, "Modi has orchestrated massacre in Gujarat. He can never become Prime Minister."
On BJP's prospects in the general elections, he said, "There are 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat. Even if they (BJP) win all the seats there, it would not make any difference. As UP is crucial, winning maximum seats here is a must," Yadav said.
Alleging that both the national parties were hand-in- glove with each other, Yadav said that Congress hatched conspiracies while BJP supported it.
"In the past five years, only scams were done by the government at the Centre. While Congress used to conspire, BJP supported it in its deeds," he alleged.
Mulayam said that if the party does not fare well in the Lok Sabha polls, functioning of the state government would also be affected.


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