Yadav reminded that ‘atrocities and massacres’ were carried out in the state ruled by Modi.

"A rally is on in Gorakhpur where the chief guest is the BJP's prime ministerial candidate. They say (that) they’ll create a Gujarat (here). But please think again, you will not be in a position to do a Gujarat. You'll do a Gujarat, commit atrocities and massacres. Because this is what you have done there," he said.

Comparing the Gujarat government’s performance with that of Uttar Pradesh, Yadav asked the assembled crowd to find out whether Modi’s government had given unemployment allowances, waived loans of farmers or given special facilities to women.

"They have not done any of these....You know the BJP doesn't have any other work but to spread rumours," he said.

Yadav attacks Congress

Taking potshots at the Congress-led UPA government, he said scams and high inflation have severely hit the economy.

"Now who is responsible for the situation even after such a long time since the country gained independence. In Delhi, barring some time, it is Congress that has been ruling and is still in power,” he said.

"What have they done in these five years? What has happened apart from scams? There have been scams, atrocities, inflation and corruption. Inflation and scams have brought the country to a standstill,” he added.

The Samajwadi Party supremo further said that he has been a witness of several discussions on scams and inflation in Lok Sabha but it has not given any result.

"So many discussions were held on scams. And in every session, there was a discussion on inflation. But they could not control inflation. It is because of inflation that thousands lost their lives and with regret I say this happened even in UP," he said.


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