The dancers can now get back to their routine life and primary means of earning money. Now that the dance bars are about to brighten Mumbai's night-life again, let us take a look at some interesting facts about them:

1. The first dance bar in Maharashtra started in early 1980s in Raigad district, which is around 75 kilometers from Mumbai.

2. The dance bar which made the bar culture popular in Maharashtra was Baywatch. Some 500-600 bar girls were brought from various parts of the state during late afternoons to make them dance at night.

3. Baywatch led the way for many such bars with the count rising to 1500 in the year 2005.

4. The notion that bar dancers hail from a poor background is mostly untrue. Some of them enter the profession to earn some extra money.

5. A famous dancer Tarannum made so much money through this profession that she was nicknamed 'Crorepati Bar Dancer'. With most of her earnings coming from undisclosed sources, she was also raided by the income tax department.

6. There are particular antics which are followed at the dance bars. There is usually a person from the bar, disguised as a customer, who showers currency notes on the dancers. This encourages other visitors to spend more money.

7. In the year 2005, Maharashtra government imposed a ban on dancing activities at these bars, thus leaving thousands of dancers unemployed. In 2006, ban was lifted by the High Court but continued by the Supreme Court.

8. In May 2016, Supreme Court asked the Maharashtra government to issue permit to eight dance bars, which brought subsequent flak from various sections of the society, including Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.