Mumbai: Two 23-year-old youths were stabbed to death with a pair of scissors by their fellow employee working in the same garment factory as theirs. The accused, identified as Gyansingh Thakur (25), allegedly held a grudge against Shahbaz Ahmad Shaikh and Maz Ahmad Shaikh for various reasons.

As per the reports, the accused reached the duo’s residence to kill them at 11 pm on Wednesday,. Even before he assaulted them, a brawl broke out between them, and he stabbed them multiple times on their chest, neck and back.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Dattatray Karale (Zone IV) said, “All three are from Uttar Pradesh. The accused was the one who taught them the work. The two victims, Shahbaz and Maz, behaved like goons in the area, because of which the accused thought that the two would kill him someday. That is why he attacked them.”

According to a source, however, the mother of the accused had married a second time recently and the duo kept teasing Thakur about it, who had been bristling at their jeers. On the day of the crimes, Thakur arrived at the victims’ residence at Prabhudha Nagar in Wadala armed with a pair of scissors and two crude bombs, with the intention to finish them.

There, the three were caught in a vicious fight, which ended up in the murders. “Thakur had made a spear with a stick and a pair of scissors. He also got a bomb made out of gunpowder (present in crackers), glass pieces and stone wrapped in a cloth in order to scare them,” Karale said.

‘Hello, I killed them’

After the murders, Thakur himself called up the Mumbai police control room at 100 and informed the cops that he had murdered his two colleagues because they would continually harass him, cops said. However, when the police officials arrived at the duo’s residence and knocked at the door, Thakur fled through the window and jumped over to the neighbouring building.

A watchman spotted him carrying a weapon in his hand and informed the police officials stationed nearby, who went and nabbed him. “The accused was mentally disturbed,” Karale said. “He thought that the victims should have been working under him as he had taught them the ropes of the trade at the garment factory,” Karale added.

A relative present at the spot said that he wasn’t aware of any misgivings between the three. He said he didn’t think that could be the reason behind the murder. Thakur has been booked under section 302 (murder), 342 (whoever wrongfully confines any person) of the Indian Penal Code while 5A, 9B and 37 of the Bombay Police Act.