Mumbai: From pink walls to special organic desserts, the American socialite gears up for a super-indulgent weekend in Mumbai.

With just a day to go before Paris Hilton descends on Mumbai, here's a sneak peak of her extravagant three-day stay in the city.

America's most talked-about socialite can be rest assured she will be as pampered as possible.
Juhu's J W Marriott, surprisingly chosen by the Hilton heiress over her own chain of hotels in the city, has gone all out to ensure she gets what she wants.

Says Vineet Misra of the Marriott, "Paris will be welcomed with garlands in typical desi style. She will also be the first guest to inaugurate the brand new Presidential suite, which is about 2,200 square feet. She obviously has certain requirements on how the room should look and feel. So we have tried and altered the space accordingly."

Not surprisingly those requirements include one basic colour: pink. She prefers the walls, sheets, flowers and everything else with a dash of pink.

The hotel will thus be importing seven different types of exotic pink flowers from Thailand. She will also be welcomed with pink champagne on her arrival at the hotel.

And if that's not enough to satisfy the high-maintenance celebrity, there's more. "A lady butler will be with her throughout her stay at the hotel, taking care of all her requirements. Since she is a health freak and is into organic food, we have organised for some organic fruits. We're also planning to make special berry-based desserts and macaroons," adds Misra.

From music to movies, the hotel has handpicked everything for their special guest. And last, but not the least, her neighbouring rooms have been converted into a workout-cum-spa.

After all this, we wouldn't blame you if you'd want to turn into Paris for a day!